Fresh Vegetables

We are supplying almost all organic veitables, that are grown under a system of agriculture without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides with an environmentally and socially responsible approach. This is a method of farming that works at grass root level preserving the reproductive and regenerative capacity of the soil, good plant nutrition, and sound soil management, produces nutritious food rich in vitality which has resistance to diseases.

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Culinary Nuts

We are supplying almost all culinary nuts. they are dry, edible fruits or seeds that usually, but not always, have a high fat content. Nuts are used in a wide variety of edible roles, including in baking, as snacks (either roasted or raw), and as flavoring. In addition to botanical nuts, fruits and seeds that have a similar appearance and culinary role are considered to be culinary nuts...etc. especially with high quality & big in size.

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Fresh Fruits

We are supplying almost all fruits, especially Amla, Banana[green, red, flower, honey...etc] & Banana Flower, Cucumber, Cashewapple, Custardapple, Guava, lemon, Jackfruit, bluebery, Mango[Blue, Cross, sweet, Almost All kind], Orange, Pomegranate, Papaya, Pear, Sapotta, Tendli, Watermelon...etc especially as fresh as we are serving it directly from crop strait at deep villages of Indian subcontinent.

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Sweets & Snacks

We are supplying all kind of processed foods with neccassary certificates manufactured from pure organic grains, fc grains, fruit, vegetables, spices, mineral water, milk, milk products, cocoa products, soya-based products; high protein foods especially South Indian and North Indian ethnic sweets like Murrukku(achi, Poo, etc) & Gilaby/Jileby with high quality at reasonable price...etc

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Wonderful Nature

Created & maintained by devine power exclusively for man thru men!

Welcome to Wise Natural, a worldwide distributor of natural edible products/entities.

In the name of technology revolution in the fertilizers without considering the future generation & environment pollutions, it is casual to consume toxic foods nowadays!

But, we always supplying all fresh &dry products directly from the crop or former &/or forms, there is no agents & there is no compensation on the quality. It is the first goal of 'Wise Natural'!

Our aim is once after consuming our products, the world will consider & recognize the Natural edibles more than processed & stored with the labels Best before x months

We are supplying all fresh/dry raw &/or edible products that are wonderful divine gifts of nature.

We are also supplying all your needs such as seeds, plant-stems & organic-fertilizers...etc. to grow-up plants/trees &/or flowers. “Join us to make this Globe more green”.